Monday, January 28, 2008

From hero to zero..

A man is taking a walk in Central park in New York. Suddenly he sees a little girl being attacked by a pit bull dog. He runs over and starts fighting with the dog. He succeeds in killing the dog and saving the girl's life. A policeman who was watching the scene walks over and says: "You are a hero," tomorrow you can read it in all the newspapers: "Brave New Yorker saves the life of little girl." The man says: "But I am not a New Yorker!" "Oh, then it will say in newspapers in the morning: Brave American saves life of little girl" - the policeman answers. "But I am not an American!" - says the man. "Oh, what are you then?" The man says: "I am a Saudi!" Then next day the newspapers say: "Islamic extremist kills innocent American dog."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I will

I will live longer than you,
Just because I want you to die in my arms,
To leave the sorrow and bitter of life with me.

I will live longer than you,
Just because I want you to spend your last moment with me,
Not wanting you to feel the loneliness,
That you'll leave it to me for the rest of my life.

That's what I will do for you,
for now and ever..

Friday, November 9, 2007


Ever wonder why people hate you? Most of the time, it's your own fault, so don't put the blame on others. Here are some reasons, for you to think of.

1. You think you're better than others.
2. You're trying to show that you're greate
r than others.
3. You're acting like you're greater than others.

So why people hate it when you did those?
1. You're not even better..
2.You're doing something that you're not good in.
3. You're not greater than anybody.

To sum things up, you're being hated because of you're making a fool out of yourself. If you think I write this to advice you, you're wrong. I write this because I hate you. Enough said.